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this is the story..

July 22, 2010

This is the story of a dreamer and a realist. Okay, not so much a story… more like a blog.

A blog about the things that make us, well, us.

A dreamer who loves summer dresses, secret gardens,
lakes, cookbooks, fireflies, the northwoods, rising early,
farms (and farmers) with fresh veggies and precious goats,
but most of all, dreaming about what comes next…

A realist who loves ruffles, staying up late,
(newly discovered) rompers, giraffes, cornfields,
Rome, a hint of sarcasm, peonies & blackberries,
but has a nagging desire to always have a plan.

Our lives are filled with: farmers markets, books, cardigans, macs,
colorful walls, overflowing laundry baskets, swans, and God’s grace.

Two hoosier girls both brought to this Florida town by persistent big brothers and their half-pint wives.  We share a little apartment, filled with mismatched treasures and a refreshing, orange kitchen.

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