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August 26, 2010

As mentioned before, I am a realist.
Or at least more of one than
<— that girl.

that being said, I enjoy looking at my life phases.
seeing where  I’ve been, evaluating where I am, looking at where I may be headed.

enter: currents
tidbits of my thoughts.
and yes, I stole this from

listening: a fine frenzy.
eating: pistachios.
drinking: water.
wearing: stretchy black skirt and loose cream comfy top.
feeling: bored/stir crazy.
weather: humid. I’m still trying to adjust to florida’s idea of summer.
wanting: an ipad. simply because it would neat (though I claim other (non)valid reasons).
needing: a good work out to expend some of this restless energy.
thinking: I should have been more productive today.
enjoying: Pinterest
. thoroughly.
wondering: if the rain is going to squash my running plans. again.
wishing: our A/C was fixed so I could work out at home.
praying: that I continue to let Him lead my new business.

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