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January 11, 2011

You expect it to change. Life, that is.
You hear it all the time, “Nothing ever stays the same.”

You expect life to throw you curve balls.
To change from the second your eye shuts- to the moment it blinks back open.

And yet, I still struggle with it.  I struggle with looking forward to different.

But I think I’m realizing my true fear with change is not knowing what is in store within that change.

The fact that change will come is perfectly acceptable.
I enjoy adventure.  I enjoy spontaneity.  In fact, I often get restless if I can’t try something new.

But I don’t like not knowing change’s unexpected directions.
The toll it can take.
The feeling of uncertainty when it pertains to something I depend on.

There is much to look forward to.  There are many changes still to come.
Some tremendous, some terrifying.


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