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baby bun.

January 22, 2011

Baby bun.

Do you know how covered you are in prayer?
Do you know how anticipated your birth is?
Did you know that your birth date doesn’t even have an estimate yet?

Your parents are so excited. You should see them right now.
It’s been 4 days since they found out that you exist. 4.
Did they tell you they took 4 pregnancy tests, and a blood test, before they believed it?

Your dad is beaming.  He can’t start talking about you without grinning like a crazy man.  And your mom- oh, she is glowing.  She’s aware of the way her body is changing, and she will eagerly say “it’s worth it!” Intensified smells, vertigo, headaches- and she’s all about it.

They’ve waited to start having kiddos for a while.  They wanted to focus on their marriage, and take time to fall more in love with Jesus- and each other.  And can I tell you how respected they are for their marriage?  They love each other so well.

You’re going to love spending time with them.  They live life SO fully.  They seize every opportunity, and rarely pass up a chance to hang out with their friends- often opening up their own home.

Your dad is going to be excited for you, in everything you do.  He will have an opinion, of course, no matter what you do.  However, he will be your greatest fan.  And your mom- she will be your best supporter.  She has the biggest heart, and loves those around her incredibly well.  She is terrific at being intentional.

They have a blast together. And watching them react to the fact that you exist has been a whole new revelation.  They’re a team. They laugh all the time. Giggle & guffaw actually.  You can tell that your dad is enamored with your mom, and that she is delighted by him.

Baby bun, you have a lot to look forward to.


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