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This is the story of a dreamer and a realist. Okay, not so much a story… more like a blog.

A blog about the things that make us, well, us.

A dreamer who loves summer dresses, secret gardens,
cookbooks, fireflies, the Northwoods, rising early,
brown cows & white goats, but most of all,
dreaming about what comes next..

A realist who loves ruffles, staying up late,
(newly discovered) rompers, giraffes, cornfields,
Rome, a hint of sarcasm, peonies & blackberries,
but has a nagging desire to always have a plan.

Our lives are filled with: farmers markets, books, cardigans, macs,
colorful walls, overflowing laundry baskets, swans, and God’s grace.

Two hoosier girls both brought to this Florida town by persistent big brothers and their half-pint wives.  We share a little apartment, filled with mismatched treasures and a refreshing, orange kitchen.

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